So Sunday I

So, Sunday I went to pick up Mullens' birthday present, then headed out to Anna's grandparent's farm for a little barbeque, fireworks, and presents.

I left early so we'd have time for the weekly bike ride on Rock Island Trail, which ended up being 16 miles instead of 14. Then to Pizza Hut, then home to watch Edward Scissorhands and go to sleep early.

I can't believe I forgot to mention the awesomest thing that happened this weekend. While mini-golfing with Polk and Schwa, a couple of punk kids were making their way through the course and walked right by us. As they did, one tried to take a short cut through this "forest" right next to us, and got completely stuck in the tree in the process. I tried not to laugh, since the poor kid was only 10 or so and didn't need my mockery, but after a few seconds of him trying to struggle his way out of the tree I couldn't hold it in any more. So I laughed at the poor kid. Hard, too. I laughed about as hard as I do during AFV every week. Schwa and Polk just stood there looking embarrassed for me, and I just kept laughing. Good times.