So the weekend

So, the weekend, from the top.

Friday I got off work, ran for a few miles, then went to Webbs to meet Polk, Brandon, Kristi, and Jess for some dinner. After that I went home and went to bed. Saturday I took a long ass run with Angie, followed by a long ass walk with Winnie, where we got completely and utterly lost at the cemetary again. After that I was completely beat, but not tired enough to skip on Alan's barbeque. I somehow managed to not drink any beer and not eat myself stupid, since there's only a month left in this weight loss compeition thing at work. I was still home and in bed by 9:30. Sunday I woke up early to run the 4 miles I'm going to be running for Steamboat Days. I was either early or late or showed up at the wrong place, since there was no one else there. I ended up jogging on my own, but didn't have the foggiest idea what the course was. After that I took Winnie for another long walk and went to the new Kohl's with Angie to pick up new running shoes. Alan came over a little while later and we saw Sin City. And that was my weekend.

Lately, because of my road rage tendencies, I avoid the "fastest" way to various locations, and end up taking the "least frustrating" way. With all the construction around Peoria, people are slowly finding their way to my route and pissing me off. 4 way stops are the worst... people have no idea how to act at a 4 way stop. Today a guy across from me went out of turn, stopping me from turning left. I did my usual "honk for 30 seconds and look at him weird" thing. He actually stopped in the intersection and started yelling something at me. Since both our windows were closed, I have no idea what it was. Then he started convulsing and shaking a little bit, then finally flicked me off and peeled out and drove away. By the end of the event, I was laughing hysterically and still honking. I guess I was kind of an asshole, but not as much as the other dude. Well, probably more than the other guy. But still, it's a 4 way stop, not a "4-way-go-whenever-you-want".

Still, I realize I have road rage issues I need to get over. I should figure out how to not get so pissed at other drivers.