Yeah, so if I had it to do over, I never would have even started this whole house buying/selling thing. It's a pain in my butt and a nightmare. My new house wasn't move-in ready, but I moved right in anyway. And my old house isn't move-in ready now, but I need to get it into that state before I can sell it.

And I'm strapped for cash and things keep happening that aren't letting me save any money. Like my tire blow-out, and then a freaking ridiculous phone cancellation at my old house that took too long and involved too many fees. I'm overwhelmed because my current house still doesn't have a kitchen, and I'm too strapped for cash to turn on my A/C which means I spend a lot of time (all my time) camped out in my nice, cool basement with boxes that are still unpacked. It's not the most convenient life.

Then I make frequentish trips to my old house to clean, paint, scrub, move, rearrange, blah blah blah. My parents thankfully stepped in to so I'm allowed some kind of social life, and some kind of activities outside of the whole "house" situation.

It's just really hard trying to do all this all by myself, with 1 income, with no free time, in the middle of summer with social stuff going on, and not enough vacation time to use on stuff like cleaning and moving, and I'm complaining a lot here and I said I'd try to stop doing that.

Long story short, things right now are kind of lame. I realize that in a couple months, my house will be sold, my new house will be beautiful, I'll have free time and extra money every month again, and this whole thing will be done and forgotten. But right now it's hard not to feel overwhelmed and frustrated and regretful that I even started this transition.