Oh man, that was some... "break", I guess. It was kind of non-stop action for being a break, though. No need for all the specifics, but I would like to mention Thanksgiving dinner, which was one of the best I'd had in a long time. Because of a death in the family, plans and issues with all shuffled around and Thanksgiving dinner left me eating dinner with my sister, nephews, and niece. Without a lot of time to plan for it, we all chose one of our favorite dishes, so dinner was hot wings, crescent roll, pizza, cheese sticks, and mac-n-cheese. It was a fantastic dinner.

Anyways, yes, a death in the family that was entirely expected, but still not exactly pleasant to deal with. It was one of those that was more of a relief than anything else, which is also a shame when death is a relief.

So this year, like every year, I'm thankful for my friends and family who are always there for me when I need them and are entirely supportive of everything that's going on in my life, which I admit can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Hope everyone's turkey day was as good as mine was.