I went out to my car again the other morning to once again see my stuff all strewn about my vehicle. I hadn't bothered replacing my stereo and, therefore, the CDs in my glovebox and I guess they took everything of value before, but that didn't stop them from re-checking. They're not the smartest kids in the world, but at least they're thorough.

The plan now is 2-fold. One- Find a bug zapper and connect it to the metal button used to open my glovebox, shocking the shit out of the next person who tries to open it. Pair this with a motion-sensor light and motion-activated web cam (which I have much experience with in my hideacam ventures). Get photos of stupid kids and post them all over the neighborhood. Two- Failing this extensive plan, Alan and I will wait in his basement drinking beer and staring out the window. When the criminals show, we run out with bats and beat the hell out of them. Or at least tie them to the fence and call the cops. I'm not under any illusion that they'll be put in prison or walk away with anything more than a slap on the wrists, but I want these punk kids to know that their actions will have consequences. And they won't always be good ones.

So this round, they made a fucking mess of my car (more than it already was), and stole, and get this part, the SILVER coins out of my coin tray. They left the pennies and took the quarters, nickles and dimes. Unbe-fucking-lievable. Now they're getting picky. Little jerks.