Unofficial Start

Well, today we unofficially started marathon training. I met a fellow runner up in the Heights to prepare for our first 8 mile run the first weekend in January. We set our goal at 6 miles.

In the end, we did 6.4 miles in 1:04. That's just under ten minute miles, which is pretty good considering I kept the clock ticking during our 3 short breath-catching breaks. Next weekend, we'll probably do the same 6.4 or 7 miles, then begins the "official" training.

Since training for the marathon is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication, I'm considering taking January - April as my discipline testing training grounds. I've already ruled out any kind of fast food during this time, and am thinking about what other rules I could set for myself. No drinking? Well, except for Super Bowl Sunday and St. Patick's Day of course. Eating out only once per week? Protein shakes for breakfast and lunch? 1 hour of exercise every day? I'm still considering the rules I'm planning for myself, but I think its a good opportunity to see how strong my will is and how much self control I have.