That was a

That was a nice little vacation, I guess. It hurt less than I thought it would when all was said and done, and I only dipped into my Vicodin twice, both on the first day, and both as a precautionary measure rather than because of the pain. I've spent the majority of my recovery right here on my couch watching TV and various movies, breaking the monotony of that with a short walk with Winnie (which will start hurting your jaw eventually), a lunch break with my mom and Jack, and a completely sober trip to the International Beer Festival with Alan, Angie, Mullens, Emily, Nate, and a slew of other people who I don't think I was introduced to. The beer fesitival was fun and all, even without drinking, although shouting at people will also make your jaw sore when there's 4 gaping wounds in it.

Today I feel back to 100%, except my face is still a bit swollen and the stitches are annoying, and I still have to be really careful when I yawn. But I'm mostly back to normal. To celebrate, I'll be watching a crappy horror movie with Wolfie and Randy a little later today. And in the meantime, I'm going to try to stay out of my house. I've been here too much over the past few days.