Week 4

Okay, so it's 3 weeks until habit, and I'm 4 weeks into my exercise schedule. And I feel great. This morning I jumped right out of bed, right into my workout clothes, and was out on the street within 5 minutes.

I locked myself out of the house, which really sucked. I broke back in by breaking up my screen on my window and squeezing in through the window. So that was fun.

And it's been a long, long weekend. My dad and I tackled my kitchen at full force, so I finally have upper cabinets and a microwave now. Next weekend, I should have a counter and a sink, and that will be great. I've made a lot of excuses this year as to why I couldn't exercise, why I couldn't eat healthier, and how I was too busy to really get anything done. With my kitchen complete, all my excuses will be right out the window. And honestly, that's going to feel great. I really believe the weight will start  melting off once I'm able to make my own meals instead of having to stop somewhere on my way home for something fast and cheap.... fast and cheap is rarely healthy.

So its been 4 months without a kitchen, but the end is in sight. I can't wait until I can  put my dishes away, retake my dining room space, and plug in my George Foreman Grill. Ah, the small pleasures...