A week or

A week or so back, Jaimee and I invested in some bikes to get our waistlines back into shape and had taken a few bike rides to break them in. I thought I had just gotten horribly out of shape since last summer when I rode Mullens' bike all the time, because I couldn't keep up at all with Jaimee, even going down hills. I was having a tough time riding this stupid bike.

So I decided to do a bit of investigating and found that the back tire was rubbing against the frame of the bike and the brake. So, basically, I was always riding with the brake on. That made it harder for me.

Last night I rode this bastard bike back to Wal-Mart to exchange it for the same model which hopefully wouldn't have a fucked up back tire. I was given a hard time from the guy behind the counter and had to hunt down an employee with a ladder and wait in line to do the exchange, but I'm much happier overall with a bike that works properly. The ride home from Wal-Mart was pretty effortless and very quick. Mostly how I remember it from last summer, so that's good.

Work: 3.1 miles away. That's a nice distance for a morning bike ride, I think.