Friday night Angie and I hit the town, eating at Ned Kelly's and seeing Flightplan. Flightplan was acceptable, but nothing great. I may watch it again if its on TBS late at night and I can't sleep, but otherwise, probably not. I went to bed early, since for the 2nd weekend in a row I had to wake up early to install heating/cooling equipment in my house.

Got that done pretty quickly and had the entire afternoon to do nothing. I had to go out to my parents' house that night for some dinner with some relatives in from Missouri. Later that night I hung out at Alan's house for a bit, then watched a few episodes of Lost with Angie.

Sunday I went out to my parents' again for an early Thanksgiving thing, followed by the race, followed by going back out to my parents' house for more lunch. The rest of the night I just watched TV and tried not to fall asleep.