Well day 1

Well, day 1 is done. Day 2 tomorrow.

Surprisingly, this Verizon thing is more of a "real job" than I expected it to be. Except for Mullens and 1 other guy, I'm the youngest guy at any of the Digital Stores in Peoria, East Peoria, Washington, and Pekin. I spent about 5 or 6 hours today going through this online training course learning all sorts of stuff about the plans they offer, cell phone service, future services, etc. Commission is more than I expected it to be. They're really starting to promote Dish Network sales, which is $40 per unit commission. That plus my hourly wage means I'll be making pretty good money, actually.

Everybody seems really nice and cool and friendly and all that. Even though I didn't sell any phones today, a guy gave me a sale just because I was looking over his shoulder and figuring out how to do everything he was doing. Easy money.

The coolest part of the day was when a delivery truck pulled up in front of the store, then proceeded to explode into a huge ball of flames. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but the truck did catch on fire. Flames were not only rising out of the hook up to the top of the cab, but flames were also dripping down, out of the bottom of the truck and rolling towards the back. Within 2 or 3 minutes, a fire truck had gotten there and put it out. It took them another half hour to get the hood open since the flames had sort of welded it shut. It was quite a sight to see.

I'm tired. Yesterday was crazy productive and including spraying RoundUp, raking, cleaning, mopping, painting on canvas and on walls, moving, organizing, and eating Domino's Pizza. It was a good day.