Well I broke

Well, I broke something on my site, which means I can't update my site and LJ at the same time until I have time to fix it.

So, for the past few days I've been crazy busy at work, and I follow up my work days with a bunch of running and lifting weights, all to lose that pesky 3 pounds to hit my goal for the contest. Speaking of the contest, the last weigh-in was today. I was more worried and stressed about it than I probably should have been. I walked up towards the scale as my team mates stood behind me yelling at me to take off my shoes and belt and wallet and glasses and everything else that could weigh anything. I didn't want to, since that isn't a real loss. It's cheating. But I caved to the peer pressure and removed my shoes. With the help of being shoeless, I was down 6.5 pounds. I figure that was a loss of about 3 REAL pounds so in my head I hit my goal and am content with that. Now I need to lose 10 more by my big race, which is almost exactly a month away.

After running in my Building Steam class last night, a chunk of our group went out to Old Chicago. Somehow I managed to not eat food, although I did have a couple of beers. Other than that, I haven't been very social.

Update: I just ran into the president of the company in the hall. We had a short talk about the last weigh in today, and I mentioned how I was 32.5 pounds down for the contest. He replied "Yeah, but I heard you took your shoes off." That's hilarious.