Well it's time

Well, it's time to start looking for a full time job again, I think. I hate doing it. I hate giving up. But I think I just started at a bad time to start. Job boards online are a friggin' joke anymore. People just post a job and never close it, never reply to me or (probably) any of the other applicants. Things on the web and multimedia field are just kind of stopped. The business ventures I've taken lately have been unprofitable, considering how much time I spend on each project to make so little money. I'm sick of living like a poor fuck and wasting away my college education doing nothing related to what I went to school for. So, it's time to do something else.

A place here in town is looking for a web designer. I'm going to apply. I'm not really a web designer, per se, but I can do the job that they require. Plus, hopefully they'll see that I'm better at other tasks and put me somewhere else. Even after I get a full time job, I'll probably stay at the gallery, working on nights and weekends to pay off some of my debt. And this will give me some consistent income to pursue business ventures that require me to have money.

So, I'm not going to look too hard for a job. I'll scope out the newspapers every couple of days, and places like monster.com and apply only to ones that I think will use my degree in some way. Maybe on my days off I'll just drive to every multimedia/design place in Peoria and drop off my resume and see what happens. I hate giving up, but I can't live like this for the rest of my life. I already feel like shit borrowing so much from my dad to make ends meet every month... I can't imagine doing it for years to come. Nothing is on the horizon for me. Nothing is coming. I have no other great money making schemes. Maybe it's time to take a break, stop living in the clouds, and get a real job like the rest of the population. That just sucks.