Well kids since

121704_162816.jpegWell kids, since I haven't seen nearly enough LJ posts for today, I've decided its time for a bit of a lesson. Some serious geekery is contained below. I hope you all appreciate it.

First up, an ultra-important link is here. That's LJs new photo hosting service, making it really easy to post and share your photos with your whole small audience. Use it. Give me something interesting to read. Plus, use the service as a moblog.

For all other LJ geekness, you need FireFox. Why, you ask? It's a browser that allows anyone to write extensions. Extensions are seperate little goodies that increase functionality.

Once FireFox is installed, you need Deepest Sender. It's like an LJ client, only its built into the browser, meaning you can browse on one side and update on the other.

The other important goodie is LJPost. That will allow you to right-click on any webpage and select "post in LiveJournal". The link is automatically added to your "Update your Journal" page, or will even update in Deepest Sender.

And finally, you need this extension, but only if you're a paid user, to notify you when your LJ friends list is updated.

Now get updating, suckers. I'm sick of a friends page that doesn't update.

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