Well. That was a weekend.

Yep. Quite a weekend indeed.

I skipped out on all Friday night festivities and went to bed early, bracing myself for a long Saturday of removing an old furnace and installing a new one. Angie's dad did the majority of the work and all the hard stuff, while I did the grunt work which included, but was not limited to, drilling holes in my house (tearing up the siding in the process), mounting new electrical boxes, stripping wires, re-wiring some stuff, yadda yadda yadda etc etc etc. 8 long hours later, I had replaced my 30-year old behemoth of an inefficient piece of crap furnace with a newer, nicer, and hopefully lower-cost (in the long run) version. I finished just in time to prepare for a wedding reception. I went up to the shower only to find it didn't work. In the process of removing my house humidifier and water softener, something had gotten botched.

I packed up some necessities and headed next door to Alan's to shower there. I relaxed for all of about 15 minutes before heading to the wedding reception, where I was until about 12:30. I went to be early since I knew I had a baptism to go to the next day. I went to bed realizing I couldn't wash any clothes that needed it, due to my botched job with the plumbing. I woke up early in the hopes to hit the hardware store quickly to get the parts to fix my water situation. I fixed it without too much trouble, just in time to shower and shave. As I Febreezed my clothes from the night before to recycle them for the baptism, I realized I was in a terrible mood from the non-stop, nothing-going-right weekend that had been happening so far. I had just used the last of the hot water during my shower and couldn't figure out why it wasn't heating back up. I couldn't keep my mind off how this whole weekend, I'd been forced to do crap I didn't really want to do. I got into one of my funks that I can't talk myself out of. I'm usually really good at realizing that I don't have anyone to be mad at, but nothing I was doing seemed to be making me feel better.

So, I did what any mopey guy would do. I ordered a pizza. I watched a lot of TV. I didn't move from my couch for about 7 hours, when I met Mullens and Andy for a beer.

So here's some lessons I learned in retrospect.

  1. Sure, waking up early on my weekend sucks, and its something I don't ever like doing. But I'm incredibly fortunate to have Angie's dad who volunteered to help me, saving me a bundle and teaching me good lessons about how things in my house work.
  2. Going to weddings of people I don't know kind of sucks, but I'm really lucky to have Angie and have her want me at things like that. And I really do like Angie's friends.
  3. Having crap like hot water break around the house really sucks, but I'm fortunate my dad taught me at a young age how to fix stuff on my own. And if I don't know how, he's given me the confidence to at least TRY. And, if all else fails, I can call him to show me the way.
  4. Having my shower not have hot water before a wedding I have to prepare for really sucked, but I'm really fortunate to have a really good friend right next door who didn't complain a bit when I had to take over his bathroom for a bit.

Anyway, long story short, there was a good lesson to be learned in all the bad stuff that happened this weekend. I'm usually good at seeing them, but this weekend I kind of messed up at that whole deal. Still, my mood has certainly improved, and I've apologized to the people who got the brunt of my moodiness on Saturday and Sunday, and hopefully that kind of deal won't happen again for a long time.