Well where the

Well, where the hell have I been the last few days? I apologize for the lack of fascinating posts, but this week I spent very little time at work, where this silly blog is usually updated. All day on Wednesday and Thursday, I was in a seminar learning some of the newer features of Photoshop. The seminar was absolutely fascinating, and if you read that like I'm being sarcastic than you're reading it incorrectly. I learned a lot and it'll make a huge difference in my work flow.

Anyway, so Sunday I ran the 4 miles that the Steamboat Days race will take me on, and talked to a very nice lady named Kathy, or perhaps Cathy, for the whole 37 minutes it took to run the course. I was a bit surprised I ran it so quickly, but happy that my goal of 35 minutes should be pretty attainable. Monday was work followed by sitting around waiting for the Real World Road Rules Challenge to come on. It's a fascinating life I lead, I tell ya what.

Today I ate a fantastic lunch with Wolfie and Jill. Fantastic not only because of the company I kept, but also because I ate real, actual food instead of a salad or Lean Cuisine or bowl of soup.

So I got home, changed, and went to my Building Steam class, which is my new favorite activity every week, with the exception of course of Friday nights with my boyz. After the class I saw Sahara with Angie and Mullens, which was a silly little action flick but good in its own right. Very watchable, but I probably won't be buying it on DVD or anything.