What the hell

What the hell is wrong with my sleeping?

If nothing else, the past few days has only proved the importance of working out, and how much it helps with your schedule. For a few weeks I was trying to get back onto a 1st shift type schedule, since I'm really looking hard for full time work. I was always tired and went to sleep at around 10. I also wasn't working out, due to a couple different factors. Since Jaimee's departure, I've worked out just like normal every day, and starting yesterday I'm wide awake most of the time, and wake up in the mornings completely refreshed. For you slacker asses who eat Famous Amos and play Zelda instead of spending some quality time with an elliptical machine, I suggest you review your priorities.

So, Bibo's has made 2 important announcements to me.

  1. I'll be making their TV commercial. That's going to be awesome. I'm going to be all director and editor and designer and stuff again. Maybe I'll even give myself a cameo and be famous. Plus it'll put some money into my wallet.

  2. They're going to hire a full time framer, which basically means there's no use for me anymore, since 1 full time guy should be able to handle all our jobs. But, that's also a semi-good thing, because Bibo's never fires anyone, unless they're nuts. So I think my job will change, and instead of framing, I'll do gallery work and build displays. I was talking to the owner's daughter about all this, and it seems exciting. I actually start building displays next week. I'm drawing out plans to be approved on Tuesday, and display city, here I come! It's going to be a lot more fun, creative, and interesting than picture frames, so I'm happy. Plus if they sell some of the gallery stuff I do, I'll get a cut. So things are looking up.

Plus I have a few jobs to send my resume to this week. Design jobs, believe it or not. We'll see what happens. I also have to email about the Speedcolor job. 3 interviews should get me at least a call back, but it hasn't yet. That sucks.