Where's the entries?

I know, I know, you 3-4 people who check this regularly are down-right ACHING for new content. And I haven't been delivering. And I can't apologize enough.

And yes, the 0 of you who use the RSS feed are left out in the cold, because ever since switching servers that function hasn't worked because I've been too busy to CHMOD the feed into the correct permissions for rewriting. But I will. Eventually.

Anyway, the point of this post wasn't to bore you with terms like RSS and CHMOD; the point was to let you know what I've been up to lately. And the answer: A whole, whole lot.

Hill and I ran the Jingle Bell this year in freezing rain. It was an interesting race to say the least. We weren't running for our best time, since in those conditions it'd be nearly impossible to do well anyway. Parts of the race were like running on ice, and by the end my glasses had a thin coat of frozen rain on it, as did my race number. I think the only race I've finished in a more miserable condition was Cruddy Buddy all those years ago that ended by crawling through a mud field.

And I've been drawing. A lot. A whole lot. I was blessed with an artistic talent that I don't get to use at work, so my artistic efforts have to wait until my evenings and weekends. My focus right now is finishing 16 black and white illustrations for a Monster Coloring Book. When its done, I don't really know what I'll do with it. I plan to sell it in some capacity, but have no solid plans on it. But it feels great to exercise those creative, illustrative muscles again after not doing much with those talents for years.

I've been working on other projects, too. A web project, and of course the ongoing Horror Junk. I'm motivated to get them finished and get them successful, to fulfill a role in my life I feel I'm capable of but haven't quite reached yet.

And that's not all, but it is all I'm comfortable posting about at this exact second. In a few weeks I'll have more announcements. Hang tight.