Whether the Weather

I'm not one who complains about the weather. I'm really not. I don't expect anyone to take my word for it, since the rest of this entry will be devoted to complaining about things I have no control over.

I realize I live in Central Illinois, and one of the things you learn to deal with in this part of the world is winters where temperatures drop into the negatives, and summers where its not unheard of to hit the triple digits. If I hated this enough to complain about it, I'd leave. I love the snow and look forward to getting it, and I love the summer heat.

But I've had enough now. Too much. I now hate it. Passionately. Making matters worse, it got up to 70 degrees just 2 days ago. 70! And now it's 27 and we're expecting 3 inches of snow.

Enough is enough, weather, and now I expect you to get your act together like Spring is coming. We're only 2 weeks away from the official start of Spring, but let's face it... like most of the world March 1 is the unofficial start and we should be well into the 40's by now, with an occasional 50 degree day. This 20's nonsense is getting old.

I'm fatter every day and I blame that on the weather and my inability to get out and go running/biking like I love to do. That's right... I blame the weather for my waistline.

It's not like my expectations are too crazy. I don't want shorts and tank top weather. I'd be thrilled to have a few days in a row where I could be comfortable outside in a light jacket instead of heavy coat, gloves, and still uncomfortable cold.

I'm done with winter.