While I'm updating

While I'm updating wirelessly and all, let me also comment on Taco Bell and how much I love the chicken quesadilla. However, the new commercial in which it is featured makes me never want to buy it again. The commercial features a guy with a Subway sandwich and the Taco Bell guy in the same cab, and its all about how portable the quesadilla is.

If you have to start selling your food, edible food, as "portable", well, it's time to throw in the towel. Its almost enough to make me never want to buy another one.

Almost. I'll still buy another one. Don't worry, Taco Bell.

In other news, I have no idea when to use "it's" vs. "its". I used to opt to always use the apostrophed version, but on second thought, I'm opting for the unapostrophed. I figure either will be wrong approximately 50% of the time, and I'd rather go for the one with one less character.