Ya know I

Ya know, I appreciate the City of Peoria being worried about our safety during the massive 74 project and all, but I can't help but think that assigning crossing guards is a bit of an overkill. It's odd walking across the street, being closely followed by someone who looks semi-official while trying to make small talk. I guess its nice not having to hit the crossing button myself.

Anyhoo, I completely geeked out last night, re-reading parts of my PHP/MySQL book and finally getting the motivation to try it myself. The result can be seen at tim.cx, which is now entirely PHP based. I put a user registration system in, along with a members only page that you need to be signed in to use. I'm under no illusion that people will actually visit/register for tim.cx, but I thought it was a simple, nice project to get my feet wet with the process. Teaching myself PHP is like the good 'ole days in 96 or so when I, with help from The Brandon, taught myself HTML. I don't think PHP will come as easily to me, but I'm having fun with it for now.

Up next: Commenting ability on moblog pictures and pictures in the picture gallery (not that I expect anyone to use them).