Yard work today

Yard work today, which I love. Love, love, love.

Saturday night was my family's Easter thing, so Jaimee and I headed to Brimfield to my sister's house for dinner with Sarah, Robert, Jack, Peter, Mom, and Dad. Jack is the cutest little guy in the whole world. It blows my mind how cute he is, and how funny kids are. Anything that he doesn't know the answer to, he'll say "fruit snacks", which is absolutely adoreable. He'll break into song at weird times and dance to whatever music happens to be playing in the background. I wish I was that young and carefree.

Yesterday we made the long trek up to Jaimee's family Easter thing which was considerably more crowded than my family's. I'm getting used to that, though. I won at a movie related board game and lost at bags, but had a good time overall despite missing America's Funniest Home Videos. I love that show.