Yesterday was a

Yesterday was a good day filled with good yard work. I spent the morning digging a trench and the afternoon filling it back up with sand and laying down a nice little retaining wall for a flower bed. It looks pretty good, but I'll probably end up redoing a section of it to make it a little more level. With a bit of luck, the front yard will be finished by my vacation so I can focus my energies on the back yard.

I finished up the wall just as Jaimee got home. To celebrate 1 more step towards a nice front yard, we went to Hooters. Good food and good brew. Then we went home and watched The Inferno, and I promptly fell asleep a few seconds later. Building a wall is draining work.

In other news, I'm really looking forward to my new job and have made the decision to decorate my office/cube as if it's a home away from home, with pictures and toys and maybe even a Chia Pet, since those rock. I figure if I'm comfortable there, maybe I won't hate working in an office as much as I hated it before. It's worth a shot.