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Last night was NOT buffalo wing night.

While I was at work yesterday, we got somewhere near 6,000 inches of snow, so the roads were awful on my way home. I couldn't take the interstate because a semi had flipped over and was blocking it, so I had to take this backass way. The roads hadn't been plowed yet, and since I never go this route I didn't even really know where the roads were. It took me a little more than an hour to get home. The drive is about 12 miles.

So, I get home and have 3 messages on my answering machine. I just know that one of them is wondering about the plans for buffalo wings, but alas, none was. I got an invitation to go to Famous Dave's from one of my good friends that I rarely see these days, so I eagerly accepted.

Dinner was good, but expensive. About $18. The only thing that comforts me is knowing that my other friends can't really afford to have an $18 dinner, but they did it anyway. There goes that financial responsibility thing, right?

I get back to my apartment and about 10 minutes later I get a call from a friend. He had thrown his truck in a ditch and needed a ride back to the truck and wait for the tow truck. That was a lot of "truck"s for a sentence, no? Anyhoo, I took him. I almost died in the process. By this point there was 14,000 inches of snow on the ground and I had to go down this hill. I went down the whole thing sideways before finally stopping like 5 inches from his truck. The tow guys got there and took about 2 hours getting his truck out as me and him sat and watched. It was kind of cold too. He had popped a tire and messed up the underside of it, so there was no way he could drive it home. The tow guys left and I drove back up that stupid hill that had almost killed me.

We get back to his place before he figures out that he had given the tow guys ALL his keys, not just the truck key. So, he couldn't get into his apartment. We had to go through the 22,000 inches of snow to his back porch and I had to lift his dumbass up to climb in a window.

That was my night. I hope you've enjoyed it.

Well work has

Well, work has actually given me some work to do today. Will wonders never cease?

With a job to do, I don't have as much time to do that oh-so-important stuff, like updating my journal and whatnot. I know... I should prioritize.

I ended up going home at noon yesterday. I had to clean up the puke on my carpet. It was absolutely disgusting. I followed the directions on this carpet cleaner stuff and I think I ruined my carpet in the process. The puke is now gone, but the spot it was on is now a lot lighter than the rest of the carpet. I was down on my hands and knees with this little brush trying to get all the "granules" or whatever out of there, and I managed to get it kind of close to the original color of the carpet. You can still see it if you look closely.

A couple of friends brought me dinner, and a movie. We watched it and they left about 9. I fell asleep almost immediately afterwards. It was a long, eventful Monday night, remember? I was tired as a skunk's ass.

At about 10 a party started the floor above me. I tried to sleep through it, but alas, I couldn't. So I slept in my game room until about 1, then went back to bed. Then at 1:15 the party started again, so I left again. At 3:30, I went back, again, and at 3:45 they started yelling and running around upstairs, which, by all accounts is way more annoying than music. Luckily by 3:45 I was tired enough to ignore it and I passed out anyway. I actually slept until like 7:04 this morning. That means my alarm was going off for 4 minutes before I woke up. That NEVER happens. I almost always wake up about 6:58. I have a really good internal clock, I'm told.

So, that was my night. For those of you keeping track, tonight is Wednesday, and you know what that mean....

Buffalo wings and beer. Mmm mmm mmm.

You know I

You know, I was just thinking about this for some weird reason.

I've kissed 5 girls in my life. 3 of those girls were random girls at parties. 2 of those girls, I don't even know what they're names are. Is that weird? And only once have I ever kissed a girl that I actually liked. That's weird too, isn't it?

sweet jesus


Come on in, grab a drink, and put your paws up - your frank,
easygoing personality and lovable good nature make you the
perfect party-going Lab. Always delighted to meet new
people, you're truly interested in finding out what makes them
tick. Your ready smile and genuine curiosity help you break the
ice with all kinds of folks, and you excel at making them relax
and feel comfortable. Heck, you don't even have to try - it
comes naturally. You're in top form at backyard barbecues,
casual get-togethers, and cookouts on the beach. And you
don't go to parties to network or hook up (at least, not on
purpose...) - you're just there to have a good time. Which you
usually do.

Damn. That personality test thing was a crock, but this couldn't be more accurate.

In short last

In short, last night kicked ass.

Originally everyone was gonna show up really early, like 6, get wasted, then go to the bars. Well, because of the snow and because everyone we were dealing with was a stupid girl it took forever to get ready. Everyone arrived at about 8:30 or 9, and much drinking commenced. Everyone brought beer. EVERYONE. It's pretty much all still in my fridge, because despite bringing beer, all the girls opted to drink hard liquor. Fine with me... they left the beer in my fridge, so it's mine now.

The girls played "I've Never", which is a stupid drinking game. You sit in a circle and one person says "I've never...." and they complete the sentence with something they HAVE done. Then everyone who has done that had to drink. Me and Mullens were going to play, but we never got to drink. Ever. Stupid girls. "I've never had sex during my period", "I've never given or received oral sex from a boy", and "I've never slept with 2 guys in a night" didn't get me very drunk. I was afraid to drink because the girls would laugh, and I'm fragile.

By 12:30 everyone was out of my apartment except one girl. She just loved jamming her tongue down my throat, and she did it quite a bit. I puked at about 1, then decided it was time to go to bed shortly afterward. She followed me into my bedroom, which was fine with me. I told her that nothing was going to be happening that night. She argued a little, but finally said okay. We made out a little bit, but pretty much nothing else happened. She fell asleep and so did I. I woke up at about 5am and she wasn't there anymore, so I went looking for her. My apartment was locked from the inside, so I knew she was there. After a brief search I found her sleeping in my closet in the game room. I threw a blanket on her and went back to bed. Last night was my chance to be a "real guy" and I missed it. Damn.

This morning I found puke on my carpet. Lots of it. I know it wasn't there when I went to bed. It's not a big deal or anything, I like cleaning up puke beer. I don't have much of a hangover today, surprisingly enough. I'm just really tired and have a horrible headache. I took my ritualistic beer shit at work. I hate shitting in public restrooms, but I hate feeling that uncomfortable all day too. So, it was big and smelly and that was that. I may leave work at noon and go home to sleep, but unfortunately I have a lot of work to get done here.

As uneventful as

As uneventful as this weekend was, I feel the need to update you.

Friday, did nothing.
Saturday, went to see Unbreakable, then did nothing.
Sunday, did laundry and cleaned.

Yee haw. Why did I clean all day on Saturday? Go ahead, ask me. Well, I cleaned because I'm having some people over. Who, you ask? Nurses. The entire nursing class at Bradley is coming to my apartment to drink beer tonight. Today is their last final, and they need to celebrate, but don't have a good place to do it. All of their roommates are busy studying for their finals, so they're coming over to my place. It should be awesome.

Of course, today we got about 400 inches of snow, so that may put a stop to our plans.

Last night I

Last night I ate dinner with my family. This will be a sad post, so brace yourselves.

My dad has polio. He's had it since he was like 7, so obviously I've never seen him walk like a normal person. When I was younger he would miss my father/son boyscout things because he just couldn't run and jump around. His "disability" never really slowed him down much, but it was just really apparent sometimes. We would play catch, but I would have to be really careful to throw the ball directly to him. He tried to show me how to drive a stick shift, but he can only use one leg, so he would grab his blue jeans with his hands and lift his leg on and off the clutch. He always found a way to get around these little obstacles.

Well, for the past few years it's been my job to carry those 50 lb. bags of salt down to the basement and throw them in the water softener. Since I've moved out, he tried to do it himself, tripped on a stair, and sprained his good ankle. He can't keep weight off of it, because his other leg isn't really good for much. He's stumbling around on crutches now, and it's really sad for me to watch.

Plus at dinner my mom got a call from my Aunt, telling her the condition of my grandma, which unfortunately isn't good. She's almost 80 and has been smoking for about 65 years. That takes it's toll after a while. She's having problems getting around now, and no one thinks she'll make it past the holidays.

Yeah, this will be a good Christmas.

My network has

My network has been down all day, so this entry is a tad late. I'm sure you'll get over it eventually.

Despite what you naysayers said about me not going to bed early, you were wrong. Actually, it was just one naysayer, but you were still wrong. I had wings at my place, kicked my visitors out by 9 and was fast asleep in my bed by 9:30. So there.

And that was my night. Tonight I'm heading home and eating dinner with my parents. It should be a blast.

That was sarcasm. But at least it will be free.

I'm such an idiot.

I wanted to stay in last night and get to sleep early. Oh, how I wanted that.

I got home and listened to my messages. One was from the girl who ditched me twice over the weekend. It said "I was calling to see if you wanted to go to Gorman's to celebrate Josh's birthday tomorrow", so I'm thinking I go to bed early tonight, go to Gorman's tomorrow, and I'm all set. No. She meant did I want to go to Gorman's tonight to celebrate his birthday, which is tomorrow.

Well, I ended up going, because I'm an idiot who does stupid things. I stayed out until about 1:30 then came home. The apartment above me was having a party again, so I fell asleep in my game room. Sometime in the course of the night I got up and went to my bedroom, but I don't remember doing that.

It was a good time I guess, but that girl actually said to me "Hey, thanks for not calling me back". I was going to say something like "Yeah, and thanks for ditching me twice in a weekend", but my delivery would have been a little late and I would have looked like a dick, so I kept my mouth shut. She'll get hers though. Oh yes.

The accuracy of

The accuracy of that stupid color quiz made me want to do another one, so I tried one from emode called the ultimate personality test. Here's my results:

Hey, Tim, you're a Movie Star!
You're a bright ray of sunshine in an otherwise cold,
bleak world. Everyone loves your rosy cheeks and
sparkling eyes, and you secretly wonder why you're
not famous yet. You're friendly, charming, and great
with people (and perky — you'd make a good
Christmas elf at Macy's). Happily, your incredible charm
means you won't have to sleep your way to the top,
unless that's your thing.

So far, A-OK.

You're caring and optimistic. You don't get annoyed
with people very easily, and you can handle stressful
situations with ease and grace. Being a movie star,
you need to look good, and that means spending a lot
of time on your appearance. But you're not a snob
about possessions — as long as you're wearing the
best, most expensive outfit at the party.

Um... no. I still wear a lot of flannel and pants I bought in 8th grade. I shave twice a week. I really couldn't care less what I look like.

At work, you have framed pictures of your friends and
family on your desk, along with a couple of cute
stuffed animals. You like making your work
environment cozy and hospitable. After all, you
practically spend more time at work than you do at
home, right? You never shy away from asserting your
ideas and opinions, and encourage others to do the

I have no pictures or anything decorating my little cube. I spend as little time here as possible, arriving late and leaving early. Everyday. But, not every online test can be right, right?