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One of these

One of these days I'll get to sleep before midnight. I swear I will.

I've been really tired, as usual, but I really think an extra 2 hours of sleep will do me good. I didn't get them last night, as planned. I also didn't sleep in my apartment. Tonight I will though. I just have to go home, do some laundry, then finish setting up my apartment. It shouldn't take too long.

This party I'm having on Saturday is getting way too big for my own good. Jill/Julie will, in fact, be there. I'm not sure that's really such a hot idea, but that's how things have worked out. I'm glad that I'm taking some priority though. I hope she doesn't mention why her other plans fell through, because that would just make me feel worse when I feel so good that she's making time for me.

Well, again, I'm actually working today, so I'm outtie to get schtuff done.

I'm skipping work

I'm skipping work to go "hang out" at another potential place of employment. Is that really wrong? Maybe, but I don't care.

I did some work today. No matter that it wasn't important or necessary... it helped pass the time. Hopefully "hanging out" won't take long tonight, and I can get some hot wings, drink some beer, and sleep in my apartment. Yee haw.

moving. still.

Well, I was setting everything up in my apartment yesterday. Just the little annoyances... plugging the phone in, setting up my speakers, that sort of thing. I'm still not getting a dial tone from all my outlets, but we're working on getting all the kinks out of the apartment.

One of the first phone calls I got was from Digital Imaging Studios, which is an animation company right outside Peoria. I was talking to the vice president, and he just wanted to "chat". Tonight we're "hanging out", and he's looking at my demo reel and portfolio, but this is not an interview. He really wanted to stress that. This is not an interview. We got my couches in, and everything in my apartment looks great now. It's almost done. I didn't sleep there as planned though. Maybe tonight. Everything's coming up Milhouse.

So, I left my apartment last night a little bit late, around 10:40 I think. I wanted to be in bed earlier than that, since I've been tired lately. No big deal though. So, I get home and I'm laying in my bed. I start thinking "Did I lock my back door?" I came to the conclusion that I didn't. I tried to rationalize this, thinking "Well, my back door just goes into my laundry room. No one will be doing laundry that late, so no one will go in there", then I tried "It's almost 11:30... the landlord will get there at 8 am, so it won't be unlocked for long." Well, long story short, I couldn't get to sleep and had to drive all the way back to my apartment and check on the door. It was, indeed, locked.

They're cleaning the whole apartment on Friday, which is good for me, I guess. I'll probably end up doing most of that on Thursday anyway, just for the hell of it. Tonight was supposed to be Garner's at my place, but plans may be changed, depending on how long I "hang out" with the guy from DI Studios.

this entry will be a short one....

My job has actually given me work to do today. Will wonders never cease? I still haven't heard back from the company that's supposed to give me a new job, and I emailed my career services department at my old school to see what the dilly was. Here's what I got back from them:

Hi Tim,

I talked to them last week (Thurs. or Fri.), and he was interested in
contacting you, in fact he said he was going to. They probably just have
not had a chance yet. If you do not hear from him by Friday of this
week, I would go ahead and give him a call. Keep me posted!

What's the hold up, man? I just want a more interesting job than this one, is that too much to ask?

My carpet was mostly put down last night. It was supposed to be grey, but due to a mix up, it's brown. No big deal, it still looks good. The fucking carpet guys put a roll of carpet right on top of my speakers. Polk Audio speakers. I paid more than a grand for those damn things, and now they're all dusty and stuff. I'll know tonight if they still work. Otherwise they'll be buying me new speakers. They should anyway... ever tried to get dust out of speaker covers? It's not easy.

But I digress.

Me and a few friends watched Dawn of the Dead last night. They bitched the entire time the movie was playing. That movie is a classic. I told them they could leave, as I was trying to enjoy the movie, but they opted to stick around. Why can't they recognize great cinema? I mean, George Romero... The Living Dead trilogy... c'mon, does it get any better? Well, yeah, Sam Raimi and the Evil Dead trilogy, but other than that there are no better zombie movies.

Tonight a friend is cooking me dinner, then we'll watch another movie probably. I won't have cable for another week and a half, so I'll make due with my DVDs and the 3 public stations we get here.

uh oh.

Have you noticed something peculiar in my journal lately? Well, you need to pay more attention.

I have never been a "deep" guy. I wish I was more in touch with my emotions, but I don't think I have those anymore. Well, this here journal you're reading used to (I say used to like I've maintained this thing for years. It's been what.. like 3 weeks?) be where I did that. I spouted the things in the back of my mind. Lately though it's been boring updates on my equally boring life.

I think it's because like 3 friends have told me they've been reading it. Yeah, I got into this thing thinking it would be cool to have people read it. And I've never been shy about letting things out when I feel them. But, when I do use my friend's names, they're usually fake (her name isn't Jill/Julie, by the way). I don't know why. If she were ever to read this, she would know I was talking about her.

But I don't want her knowing.

That's the problem. I'll try to go back to the 'ole style journal that used to get comments. I love the comments I get and I know it's hard to respond to "I drank beer last night". Putting my picture here only made things worse. In theory there could be more than one Tim Wasson in Peoria, but my picture takes away every bit of anonymity.

Still, I think I'll be rather cautious of using my friend's real names. I won't bitch about them here, because I've got nothing to bitch about. When I do bitch about them, you can be sure I'll say it to their face, too.

Tuesday is the

Tuesday is the big day. I finish moving out, and financial responsibility begins. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's take it from Friday evening when I left you.

I went home and did some packing on Friday, figuring I would pack until someone called me to do something, then go out. I knew not a lot was going on this weekend, and it would probably be spent watching rented movies with a friend or 2. So, I got a phone call from a friend and we decided to go eat dinner somewhere and watch a movie or something. He works 3rd shift though, so at about 9 he had to call it a night. I went over to another friend's house and watched a movie with her roommates as she spent the night on the phone and in her room.

On Saturday I got up a bit early and packed some stuff. I took my huge TV to my new apartment, along with many other valuables. I unpacked what I could, which wasn't a lot. I only have one finished room, so I had to shove everything I own into that room or into my storage area. Hopefully when I get the carpet it will just be a matter of moving it 10 feet and calling it done.

Saturday night, we went to Damen's, which is a kick ass new restaurant/sports bar. They give you little hand held computers to play this quiz with other people eating, and you can also chat with them. So, me and him were chatting away with the people in the bar. It was really bizarre, since they knew who we were, and we had no idea who any of them were. They would make references to what we were eating and wearing, and we kept looking around to see who was saying these things to us. At one point a girl "VIXEN" asked me if I was hot. I said "I don't know... what do you think?" to which she replied "If you're wearing glasses and a black shirt you're hot. turn around and look for me". I didn't turn around, but I was pretty frightened.

After that we hung out at his place for a bit and headed to the bars. They sucked. There were a bunch of 26-30 year olds, and I felt a tad out of place. We had one beer and called it a night. I was home and asleep by midnight.

Sunday I moved even more junk. I missed Simpsons. Then I went to sleep. Then I woke up and here I am. The end. That was my weekend.

Next weekend will hopefully be a tad more eventful. In fact, I know it will be. We have all sorts of things planned for this week. Tuesday will be my first night in my new apartment, so some friends are staying the night with me. Wednesday is $3/lb. night at the best wings restaurant in the world, so we're having it delivered and watching movies. Friday is a chill night, with good friends only. We'll go out to eat and just chill in my apartment. Hopefully there will only be like 5 or 6 people there, tops. Saturday is my huge blowout party, with free beer and all sorts of people. It should be a lot of fun.

That's about it for me. I'll probably type more later.

important events I forgot to include....

These happened on like Tuesday night, but for some unknown reason I didn't include them here. Oh well. Here goes.

Tuesday was meant to be a night when I sat at home and did laundry and other things that need to be done. Well, I don't have any self control sometimes, and I got an invite to go out, and I did. My dad constantly buys cars that have something wrong with them for cheap, fixes them, then sells them for more money. He's weird like that. Well, he just bought a new car and needed me to go pick it up for him. So a group of friends picked me up, we went out to eat, then we went to get the car. We were just going to take the car to a friends, go to a bar for a while, then go home.

On the way to the friends, the car starts overheating. We pulled over into Hardee's, got some big cups of water, cooled it off, then were on our way. We called my dad and he seemed unworried. So, we go back to the plan as scheduled. We hit the bars for a while. I'll get back to the car thing, but here's another important detail of the night. From here on out, my story will be incredibly disjointed and random. Deal with it.

As you know, my recent obsession with Jill/Julie has been forced to come to a halt. Since I need to be obsessed with a girl to survive, I was on the lookout. I buy DVDs every Tuesday from Best Buy, and always from the same cashier. Really nice girl. At a crappy frat party a week or 2 ago, I see her there. I walk up like "you're the girl from Best Buy". Remarkably, she remembered me. We talked for a little and that was that. I started thinking about asking her to my housewarming, and maybe, just maybe, she could be my new obsession. Well, she was at this party with a guy. Big buy, and according to his frat brothers, 26 years old. That's pretty old.

Well, this night at the bar I was sitting there eating pizza, and up she walks and says "Hi, Tim". Wow...

So we talked for a while and I was getting ready to invite her to my party. Then up walks the big 26 year old, puts his arm around her, and they walk away. Hm.... So I was admiring her from a distance, and she started getting all up on this other guy. Then another. The 3rd guy she kissed on the lips, but with the exception of the arm around her thing, the 26 year old seemed out of the picture.

Well, since it's pretty much a requirement that my obsession want nothing to do with me, she seemed to fit into that category perfectly. I mean, if she's a slut, she's not going to want me, who would settle for nothing less than monogamy. If one of those many guys was her boyfriend, then she definitely won't. So, I may just have to be obsessed with her.

But we met this other girl at the bar, who we had met before. Friend of a friend thing. She's cool too. If Ms. Best Buy kills the obsession early, I may just have to obsess over her.

So, it's a little after midnight, we leave the bar. We take all sorts of water with us to cool the overheating car. A friend followed in his car to help me out when I needed it. We stopped every few miles, filled the coolant, then kept going. We made it home with little difficulty, but pulling over, filling it, then waiting for it to cool down made a short trip seem very long. We get back to my place a little before 12:30, and I go in to tell my dad about the serious overheating problem. While my friend was there he was cool about it, just cooling it down with our help. my friend left, then my dad started throwing hissy fits at me, telling me I ruined the car. Sorry dad, I'll never do you another favor then.

I didn't get to bed until 1:30 or so. Maybe I was so tired on Wednesday that I just forgot to type it, but there it is. Better late than never, right?

I really am going to invite Ms. Best Buy to my party though. I really am. I swear. And a stripper. I'm inviting a stripper too.

busy at work.

I typed more stuff for the video department today, then opened images he's too stupid too open. I could do this junk when I was 14. Now at 21 I'm getting frustrated that people think I can't do anything else.

I had this weird dream last night. I don't even remember most of it. All I remember is turning around very quickly, seeing something, then waking up in a cold sweat. I laid there for like 40 minutes, just staring at my clock. I wasn't very tired after that. Weird things run through your mind when you're laying there like that.

The main thing on my mind lately is the Jill/Julie thing, so you can bet that was getting a lot of my attention. Ever since I originally thought I was getting my apartment I had been planning my housewarming. A big, everyone-is-invited-and-the-beer-will-be-good-and-plentiful get together. Jill/Julie was supposed to meet my friends that night, just as she was supposed to many, many other nights. Well, I finally have this confirmed date for the party... November 18th.

I broke my vow of silence with her last night. She sent me an IM, so we chatted for a while. I told her the date for my party. She knew how important it was for me for her to be there, but told me "it's a bad night". She promised her math group she would hang out with them that night. WHAT ABOUT ME? Didn't she promise me that she'd be there? A long time ago? Who has priority? I guess now we know. Not only that, but she said she had a date, so she was already double booked. She knows exactly how to kick me square in the nuts, even from 50 miles away. God I hate this. I wish I had the nuts to tell her to fuck off, but I take her shit time and time again. I don't do that with anyone else.


Last night I packed some junk into my mom's minivan and moved it into my apartment. It was almost all kitchen stuff, since that's the only finished room so far. Then I went to a Chinese restaurant with Fabish and his roommate. Then I went home, watched half of MI-2, and fell asleep on my couch circa 9:30. I'm an exciting guy, I tell ya.

Work has actually

Work has actually given me stuff to do today. Amazing....

Granted, a lot of it is mindless busy work. This guy keeps coming to me to do graphic design stuff for the video department. It's monkey work, like "type this text as an overlay", which he could easily do. I guess it's not a huge deal, but it's getting me pissed off. I went to school to animate, and I got hired as an animator. I did not get hired as Mr. Typer for the video Dept. guy. Ah, but I digress.

So, I get this stuff typed up for him, then he gives me 2 images that I have to format for the TV screen. It's not hard, but the source materials sucked. They were too small and out of proportion for the TV, so I simply resized them, changed the colors, and showed them how bad they looked. I'm no miracle worker... you can't simply increase the resolution of an image at the touch of a button. So, I showed the Video guys how crappy it looked and they said they would give it to another person to work on. She did the EXACT SAME THING I did. Resize, change format, resave. According to them, hers looked a lot better. THEY WERE EXACTLY THE SAME. Damn I hate this place. The young guy gets treated like shit. Anyway....

When it rains, it pours I guess. I now have 3, count 'em, 3 projects on my plate. So, I'm working today. For real this time.

Tonight I'm going to start moving my junk into my new apartment. Mostly just kitchen stuff, but a start. I can't wait to move out. Less than a week now... 5 days in fact. 5 of the suckiest days of my life. I can make it.

Last night I

Last night I had a really bizarre dream. I don't remember much of it, except being in the back seat of my friend's car with this girl I knew from grade school who is this huge slut these days. We were just sitting back there talking, and all the sudden she jams her tongue down my throat. My other friends in the car were all surprised and disturbed, but it didn't slow us down any. We just kept going at it, until finally I started laughing. She got really pissed. Here's what the dream dictionary said about kissing....

"A dream of kissing is an omen of good and shows love, peace and contentment if the kiss is of a gentle and loving manner from someone who is loved, but if the kiss is in any wise unwelcome, or from an illicit source, then you will suffer ill to your reputation or many small vexations to the spirit."

Well... hopefully it's a good omen, no? Probably not though.

I think I've found my new obsession. Of course she has a boyfriend, which is good because that's what I need from someone who I will be obsessed with. I know her from a store she works at, but met her at a party last Friday, then at a bar last night. Weird, eh?

She was getting all up on some ugly dude. I think that was her boyfriend. That's cool though, since this is the kind of behavior I like from her. If my obsession actually wanted something to do with me, I would know not what to do.

So, in case you hadn't figured it out by now, I went to a bar last night. I stayed out way too late. My dad also bought a new car that I was supposed to drive home. Well, it overheated and he thinks I may have killed the engine. I don't think I did though. The previous owner overheated it several times, so putting this on my head will do no one good. I'm having a pretty hard time feeling bad about it.