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it has come

it has come to my attention that XOOM sucks and displays my images here sporadically at best. Sometimes they work, most times they don't. Ah well... you'll have to go to my REAL page to see them I suppose.

As promised....

all my pictures can be seen on the 'personal' section of my webpage, at my webpage. Or, you can just go here to get the pictures directly without any other nonsense.

Also, as promised, here's some of my own personal favorite pictures.

I'm the person whos in all of them. Enjoy.

updates and more updates.

Man, I'm getting comments on this journal thing left and right. That's awesome. Keep 'em coming.

A fellow Wasson left a comment with me, so I'm considering talking less about my beer drinking and strip club habits. She's probably not actually related to me, but think if she was. I know it's not natural for a 21 year old to live in fear of his parents, but I do what I can to cover up my drinking to them. That's weird, isn't it?

I put my picture up because I like to know who I'm reading about, and I would think you guys would appreciate it. so there it is. Enjoy.

I also scanned a whole bunch more pics and will be putting them on my page pretty soon. I'll also post my favorites here for your viewing pleasure.

Last night I decided on couches for my new apartment. Remember my set-in-stone November 10th move in date? Yeah... I won't be moving in on the 10th. Such is life, right? But, I do have some SET-IN-STONE dates now that should be SET-IN-STONE, and I will be absolutely flaming mad if they're not. My carpet should be finished up on Tuesday, so then I'll be able to move in. I won't have a shower until the next Saturday, but they're letting me use an empty apartment in the same building for that.

So, one more week. I guess I can handle that. One more weekend. Then my financial freedom will be gone and I'll have to get a tad more responsible. Just a tad though.

I need to take one of my girlfriends to help me finalize my decision on the couch. I have it narrowed down to 2. The ones I want are vinyl... is that just really too cheesy? I figure it will be good for beer spills, and it looks like leather, and it's black so it will match my remote control. We ate at Pizza Hut and I went home early to do some laundry and pack some junk up. I want to get all that taken care of to make the move as painless as possible when it actually happens.

I'm really in the mood to ramble about those things in the back of my mind, but I have some webpage related things to get done first. I'll be sure to do that later today though.

This weekend was

This weekend was way, way too short.

Friday night we hit a frat party right down the street from a good friend of mine. It was a party for "scooters", which are potential freshmen. That's right... high schoolers. 17 and 18 year old girls who looked 14 or 15. They were drunk off their asses and getting all up on the frat guys. It was really weak. Me and my good friend just stayed by the keg and made fun of people all night. I shouldn't have been having a good time, but I really was.

Last week my best friend of 21 years got his heart broken by some chick. He was really into her, but she had a boyfriend and was confused about whether to stay with him or take a chance with Fabish. Well, after a few months, Fabish gave her the ultimatum and she chose her boyfriend. Poor guy.

Well, we figured the best way to cheer up our good buddy was to go get boobs rubbed in our face. So, we drove almost 200 miles getting him an awesome fake ID, then took him out to the best strip club in town. We treated him to beer all night long, and bought him a lap dance, paid his cover... I dropped almost $100 in one night. It was fun though... I had a really good time. It's definitely not something I can afford (or would want to do) every weekend, but every once in a while it's fun to be that irresponsible. Plus Fabish got a stripper's phone number, so I think that really cheered him up.

The whole ordeal with Fabish has made me start thinking about Jill/Julie though. I mean... Fabish didn't want to give up his chances with the girl he liked, but had to for his own sanity. What about me and Jill/Julie? I hate to give it up this easily, without a fight. But at the same time I've been strung along by another girl... in a situation very similar to Fabish's. Being friends with someone you like and knowing they don't feel the same way sucks in a very bad way. I can't do it. Is that selfish? Yeah... of course it is. Should I be that selfish?

I think the way things worked out between me and the other girl are making me very cautious of Jill/Julie and without good reason.

Oh well. Maybe I should just hook up with a stripper and not worry about it.

busy busy busy.


If you wanna take a look at what's been keepin' be busy in the past few days, there it is. Some stuff doesn't work, but it's getting there.Tell me what you think.

Well, this weekend will be pretty uneventful I imagine. My best friend is in love with this girl who just chose to stay with her boyfriend after stringing him along for a few months. Poor heartbroken boy. I was going to get him drunk this weekend, but he has to study. There's always next weekend I suppose.

My apartment is now painted, which leaves just the shower and carpet left before it's done. Not too shabby... and only about 4 months late. Damn it.

Well, I'm outtie for the day. Peace out, and have a good weekend.

I'm typing this to waste time.

Today has flown by. This productivity thing is was underrated. I just need to scan a few pictures and the page is complete.

A few friends came by today to take me to lunch. I took an almost 2 hour break, got back, and hung out with my friends in the lobby for a while. The owner of the business walked by and talked to us for a while, and when he left I explained to them who we had just met. They were shocked at my indifference, and how I didn't mind showing him I wasn't working. I've been telling them for months how bored I am here. I don't even pretend to work anymore.

I did get quite a shock today though... one of my many bosses told me to bring in my portfolio and demo reel tomorrow. She said she talked to some people who saw it who were very impressed. Maybe when they see what I can do they'll start letting me do it. Or maybe they missed their shot and I'll find other work soon. I can only hope...

work work work

I'm at work, but again, not working. Usually I've wasted my days by reading forums, but today I'm trying something different...

...I'm updating my webpage. Sure, not the most exciting way to spend a day, but being productive makes things go very quickly. Look, it's almost 11. The day has flown by so far, seriously.

Last night I ate buffalo wings ($3/lb. night), then watched part of 3 Kings with a few friends. Pretty standard. Tonight I don't think I'll be going out. I want to sit at home for a night or 2. But, I've said that before and went out anyway. But not tonight, damn it.


1. Full Name: Timothy Joseph Wasson
2. Nicknames: Tim, dude, Wass
3. Nationality: Mostly Swedish
4. Siblings: 1 sister, 24.
5. Girlfriend or Boyfriend: I wish.
7. Birthdate: October 3rd.
8. Screen Name(s): Wass, TheWass, wasson
9. Where You Live: Peoria
10. Birthplace: Peoria
11. What you look like: 6'1", blue eyes, dark hair, glasses, 190 lbs.

Section 2: More Info
1. Beeper Code: none
2. Favorite Salad Dressing: Ranch
3. Have You Ever Gone Skinny Dipping: Yes.
4. Movies You Love: American Beauty, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Hudsucker Proxy, The Big Lebowski, Mallrats, Clerks, Dogma, anything by the Coen Brothers and Sam Raimi, Heathers, all your typical "cult Classics" I love..
5. Favorite Book: I don't read.
6. Favorite Type Of Music: I like them all.
7. Favorite Car: 1991 350 Z28.
8. Type Of Car You Have Now: 1991 350 Z28
9. Favorite Saying: "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.
10. Favorite Fast Food: Subway
11. Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
12. Favorite Drink: Mr. Pibb
13. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Beer
14. Favorite Holiday: Halloween
15. Favorite Food: buffalo wings, Pizza
16. Favorite Song(s): Pearl Jam "Given to Fly" .
17. Favorite Television Show(s): M*A*S*H, News Radio, Frasier, Grace Under Fire
18. Favorite Radio Station: The recently killed 102.3 Xtreme radio.
19. Favorite Junk Food: buffalo wings
22. Favorite color: blue
23. Favorite Sneakers: vans
24. Favorite Sound: Pearl Jam
25. Favorite Smell: buffalo wings
26. Favorite brand of gum: Don't really have one.
27. Favorite animal: Cat
28. Favorite place to sleep: My bed.
29. Favorite thing to do in the summer: stay out late, be outside, long walks, good talks
30. Winter: rent movies with friends, stay in, use blankets instead of heaters

Section 3: THE FUTURE
1. School: done and done.
2. Where You Want To Live: Eventually I'd like to make it to New York or LA
3. How Many Kids You Want: not many
4. What Kind Of Job You Want: animator in the entertainment industry
5. You Want To Get Married: I'd like to.

1. Been In Jail: No
2. Done Drugs: once or twice. Being high isn't nearly as fun as being drunk.
3. Ran Away From Home: I tried one time
4. Hit a Girl: nope.
5. Hit a guy: yeah
6. Stolen Anything: yeah
7. Broken A Bone: no
8. Cheated On A Test: yes
10. Been Going With Two girls/guys At Once: I'm lucky to be going with one girl at once.
12. Been In The Hospital: only to visit other people.
16. Been attacked by a big dog: Yeah, it sucked.

1. Coke Or Pepsi: Coke
2. Cats Or Dogs: Cats
3. One Pillow Or Two: 1
4. Deaf or blind: My livelihood depends on both
5. Pools Or Hot Tubs: hot tub
6. Television Or Radio: TV
7. CDs Or Tapes: CDs.
8. Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos?: Cool Ranch
9. Mud wrestling or JELLO wrestling?: Jello.

1. Love: This thing that pisses my shit off. Never once has this been a good thing for me.
2. Your Most Prized Possession: My beautiful car.
3. The Thing That Makes You The Happiest: Those times with friends when you open up enough and know you're better off because of it. Getting a phone call from someone who doesn't call very often.
6. The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To You: The little things are what I appreciate the most. It's hard to boil that down to one event.
7. Your Favorite Slow Song: "Release" by (guess who...) Pearl Jam
8. The grossest thing you've ever eaten: I ate squid once.
9. Your biggest fantasy: Eventually having that love thing work out for me.
10. The best feeling in the world: When someone opens up to you for the first time.
11. The worst feeling in the world: admitting your mistakes.
12. The scariest thing that ever happened to you: I hit a fucking deer one time. Stupid fucking deer. I hate you and I hope you died.
13. The best number in the world: 7
14. The best memory of this year: seeing Pearl Jam in concert the weekend of my 21st birthday.
15. Something you miss the most: having someone.
16. Something that makes you mad: Stupid people.

1. Abortion: To quote my dawg Eddie Vedder, "my body's nobody's body but mine. You run your own body, let me run mine".
2. Lesbians: They're cool.
3. Death: Dying doesn't scare me. Getting old does..

1. Makes You Laugh The Most: My best friend of 21 years, Fabish.
2. Do you hate: I'm pretty intolerant of people and use the word hate a lot in reference to them. I don't really think I hate many people though.
3. Knows The Most About You: Either my drunken friend Mullens or Steph.
4. Do you trust the most: Same answer. That's not a coincidence.
5. Seems to be the most down to earth: My motherly friend Angie.
6. Has It Easier, Guys Or Girls: Probably guys.
7. loudest person You Know: The stupid drunk Mullens.
8. Craziest Person You Know: Brice.
9. Weirdest Person You Know: Probably myself..
10. Are you thinking about right now: Myself. Damn, I have to answer all these questions. Who do you think I'm thinking about? .
11. Do you missthe most: Steph.

1. Do You Ever Save AOL Conversations: Yeah, the important ones.
2. Do You Save Emails: Yeah
3. Do You Save Pictures People Send You: pictures my friends send, yeah.
4. How Many People On Your Buddy List: Which program? AOL: 24, ICQ: 15
5. When Are You Usually Online: Just at work these days.
6. Do You Like Motorcycles: hellz yeah
7. What Are Your Favorite Stores: Best Buy, any store with expensive electronic gadgets.
10. Are You A Player: I wish.
11. When Do You Go To Sleep: by 11:30 most nights. Weekends... late. REALLY late.
12. When Do You Wake Up: 7 am on work days. 2 pm on weekends..
13. Do you sleep with a night light: nope.
14. What's underneath your bed: stuff.
15. What do you wear to bed: boxers.
16. Is your bed made: hellz no.
19. What do you think of Ouija boards: sweet. I like those Witchboard movies too.
20. Where do you wish you were right now: outside. Anywhere but work..
21. Are you righty, lefty, or ambidextrous: Righty.
22. What's on the walls of your room: I don't really have a room right now. I imagine it will have Pearl Jam and movie posters on it..
24. If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be?: The Superman symbol.
25. Now that it's over, do you have anything to say?: Yeah. Ever notice how sometimes these surveys are missing questions? What happened to them? Who deleted them, and why? If they don't want to answer, chances are those will be the most interesting tidbits on there. My life is mostly an open book. Ask what you like in the the comments and I'll definitely answer. That is all. Carry on.

8:11. already bored.

I check a few forums here from work since I don't have anything else to do. I checked them already, so I've done what I needed to do.

The rest of my day will be spent updating my resume for a new job. Is it bad to do this while working at another company? Oh well.

Last night I drank beer and smoked cigars with some good friends of mine. It was a good time, but no one wanted to go to the sanitarium. So, me and another guy went, but got lost in this backwoods racist hicktown, then finally pulled over to a gas station and had to ask how to get to Peoria. It was pretty embarrassing, being like 10 miles away and living in Peoria, not knowing how to get there. Our excuse is that we try to avoid going to that town, and therefore don't know our way around. The real excuse is that we were probably too drunk to navigate through the town well.

Well that's about it for me. For now.

88 lines about 44 women

Well, I was just informed by 2 people that some animation jobs I had lined up will be at least delayed, if not cancelled.

Sweet Jesus, give me something to do.

So... big plans for tonight... A friend is having some people over to drink beer. I will be one of them, and I will drink beer. The plan is to drive out to Bartonville, which is a small town right outside Peoria. They have an old sanitarium there, so we're going to sneak in and wander about. Tonight is the perfect night for it, I think. The only bad thing is that I'll have to spend the majority of the night with this guy I hate. Ah well. I'm over it I guess.

That's it for now. I'm outtie early. It's a special night. Happy Halloween everyone.