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Digital Ocean and Drupal

I've used Drupal in many situations and on many servers throughout the world, but I'm having a love affair with Digital Ocean in a big way. Learning more about the command line has been a goal of mine for a while, and diving head first into Digital Ocean, embracing the terminal, and falling head-first in very basic server management. Getting Drupal up and configured on Digital Ocean provided a few difficulties, but now that I've overcome them, I'm a pretty happy camper. Here's what I learned thoughout the way. 

jQuery Fun

I've been learning a lot lately about jQuery, and in an effort to learn more I put together a couple Github repos that may be useful. The first is a fixed-menu scroller. They're all the rage these days. As the menu hits the top of the screen, it stays there. As the sections scroll underneath, the menu highlights the active section. I also threw in a bit of smooth scrolling. It's all in one easy-to-implement package. Sprinkle in a touch of CSS transitions, and you've got yourself a super-fancy and super-easy fixed menu scroller.

Ok, so here's the deal.

It turns out that I just really suck at blogging. I've tried and failed many times to make this a "thing", supplementing my notoriously bad memory so I can at least look back and reflect, even if the memories themselves are long gone. I've accepted my crappy blogging abilities for what they are, but nonetheless, I will keep trying to occassionally post things.


I don't try to hide my lack of formal education, and I'm certainly not what many people would describe as book smart. But I'll be damned if I'm not totally blown away by science and NASA and space exploration lately. Its almost enough to make me want to do something drastic, like pick up a book and read about science and stuff. 

On being a new dad

So far its been four weeks, and we've managed to keep our baby alive and mostly happy in that time. As new parents I suppose that's about as good as it gets. 

Baby daddy

It's been a long few weeks, but following the unfortunate demise of my hard drive my little girl, Daisy, was born. 

She's been a great baby so far, leaving me with few complaints that many new fathers have. She sleeps pretty well, relatively speaking, and I've never been a guy who needs lots of sleep anyway. She doesn't cry too much, and she sleeps a lot leaving me plenty of free time as long as I don't wander off too far from her crib or bouncy seat.

Death of an iMac

I've been preoccupied with hobbies lately. I get excited at the prospect of free time and how to fill it being a productive member of society. Unfortunately one of my productive days where I was going to work on my website was thwarted by my iMac's hard drive dying a premature death. I suppose its a good time, right before the baby is born and I'll actually need the computer for loading up photos and videos to annoy friends and family with. 

There goes that one.

 So, here we are, end of January and I've only done 1 blog entry. So, that resolution hasn't been super awesome. But I still gotta try. 

I'm working out a lot harder in the new year. Four times per week with a personal trainer, and my days off I go on a run when I can. The days I train with my trainer are especially helpful. I do feel in better shape now. Certainly not the best shape of my life, but give it a few more months and maybe I will be. 

New Years Resolution

 Well, it's been well over a year since my last blog entry, and while I'm sure no one will read other blog entries, or this one, I'm still gonna type it up.

This year has been a big one, and 2012 promises to be even bigger and better. 2011 brought another happy year of marriage, a move into a newer, nicer home, changes in my business and workplace and more. 2012 will bring my first baby. That's about as big as 2012 will need to be, to be honest, but I do have some resolutions that will help me accomplish my goals this year.