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I've tried to keep this blog away from delving too far into the life of a freelancer and keep it a little more general into just 'real' life, but I guess that gets more difficult once I realize that freelancing has occupied virtually my entire life for quite some time. Maybe that's why blog entries are few and far between and nearly always mention work and how busy I've been and remain to be.

The big Three One.

 Well, life goes on, I get a year older. Yesterday I hit the big 31, which is sort of a wasted birthday if you ask me. I guess as the years wear on and there's fewer and fewer monumental birthdays, the ones between them lose their appeal. The wife was way more excited about my 31st than I was, and it came and went without any big to-do, which is the way I prefer it.

Two in a Row

 Two days, and two blog posts. Amazing.

With a blog thats updated a little more frequently, it offers the amazing opportunity to ramble on and on about completely unimportant minutia of my day. Right now, my main focus is trying to enjoy coffee. I've always been a little proud of my avoidance of coffee, but at the same time milk a pretty serious addiction to diet soda. With my move into my own personal office space, I get free access to unlimited coffee, which means I've got to try to enjoy it a little more. 

Blog Neglect

 I hate neglecting this blog, but work has definitely taken a front-seat to my entire life. The work-life balance in my freelance career was always nearly impossible for me to get a good grip on, but I've been making some good strides in that arena lately.

Hating of Spam, part II

Almost 3 years ago, I posted a long dumb rant about how much I hated spam. My, how things have changed, and yet stayed eerily the same.

This week, I had my Gmail account hijacked in an attempt to email all my people in my address book with some sort of spam. Only it wasn't spam. It was just a series of 4 random characters. It's this spam that drives me completely and totally insane, even more than if the outgoing emails had been legitimate spam with links to products for purchase. What is the point other than to inconvenience me? 

Late to the netbook party

 I know I'm late to the netbook party here. I've wanted them, sure, but I never figured they were worth the money and fell short on too many tasks. Well, I was right about that, but with our upcoming European vacation, I found a gap it could fill: semi-disposable computer to keep our photos and videos organized and properly backed up, when I wouldn't care all that much if it got lost or stolen. 

Everything you've heard is true. The keyboard is cramped, the trackpad is too small. The processor is very slow, it lags in simple tasks. But, it'll do the job.

Any 80 hours

 Someone much, much smarter than me once said "When you're self-employed you can make your own schedule. Any 80 hours per week you choose." That seems about right, really.

My frantic work schedule has left us in a fantastic place financially, even being a 1-income household for the time being, but is a bit of a drain on me, professionally and personally. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic being self-employed and successful at it, but I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to just work a normal job like most people and, ya know, be able to stop working every once in a while.

More dogs in the snow


There's not many things in this world cuter than my dogs playing in the snow if you ask me. So here's more video of Winnie and Lizzie in the field near our house having a grand-old time. And, yes, unfortunately that will be the entire purpose of this post. Deal with it.


Vacation, Part 2

Yeah, I know, I haven't updated in a while, as per usual. And the worst part about infrequent updates, especially having to do with things like vacations, is that I almost instantly forget stuff that we do so I can't type about anything as accurately as I would have if I would have just sat down and done it earlier.

But hey, whatever's clever, as they say. I'll just have to be brief about the last few days of vacation and leave it at that.