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Vacation, Part 1


A Rocky Start

Our little vacation got off to a rocky start unfortunately. I had a client meeting on Monday and mentioned leaving early the next day for Texas. My clients were horrified and suggested I leave right away due to a bad snow storm coming our way. I texted Hill and told her to pack up early, we were leaving right when I got home.

Winnie in the Snow

I just don't want to ruin my streak of YouTube videos in my posts, so I present a really worthless video of Winnie running around a snowy field. Amazing, right? 

Jack's Birthday Day

Instead of buying Jack a bunch of toys he'd use once and never again, Hillary and I took a different approach to his 8th birthday gift. We promised him a day full of whatever he wanted including a fancy dinner at Red Lobster and roller skating at the Peoria Palace.

New Year's Eve 2009

I know I have done a pretty poor job of keeping up with my resolution to type in this here blog more often. But I'll remedy that with this post which has a video AND a photo gallery!