Some disturbing dreams.

I had some weird dreams last night. I have a sort of recurring nightmare where me and a friend will accidently kill someone, then spend the rest of the dream trying to hide it and cover it up. The cops are catching onto us just as I wake up, and I am always so glad it didn't really happen.

Last night was slightly different, because I didn't accidently kill someone, I planned on killing them. Me and a guy I knew in gradeschool planned this whole elaborate murder for no real reason. We killed the person we were trying to kill, then left as planned. My partner in crime kept bragging to everyone about the murder despite me telling him we needed to keep in on the down-low. Well, he didn't, and eventually the cops took us in. That's when I woke up, and have never been so glad to wake up.

My next dream involved me and Fabish and some other guys I know going back to high school for some reason. Fabish and I were in a Biology class together with KJ, and our teacher was nuts. She handed out a worksheet for us to do, and everyone was getting it done faster than me. By the time Fabish was done, I was about 10% finished and he looked at my work and told me I was doing it all wrong. I went to get a new worksheet and the teacher yelled at me and called me stupid. When I went back to my seat, Fabish and KJ made fun of me even more. I think I was even more glad to wake up from this dream than the murder one.

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