About Me

my name is tim, and i am so excited to go back to this style of website.

I started making websites in 1994, coding with Notepad and making my own graphics in Paint. Over the years I graduated to other technologies, but always missed the oldschool web dev.

This site was built on 11ty, using this starter kit, and then I imported a bunch of old blog posts ported over from the sites I've maintained throughout the years. These include my old LiveJournal posts, website posts through custom CMSs, and Drupal.

I also imported all my old tweets so they won't be lost forever once that site finally dies.

The site deploys via a Github Action that deploys to Neocities, building the site and all posts on the fly.

I'm still building sites for fun and professionally, all these years later. I will still never be a consistent blogger.

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