2 things that

2 things that make me so mad my head falls off:

First off, work. Fucking work. I hate everything about it these days. I work almost every day in the shittiest hours, 1-9, at the shittiest location. I never get any sales and, therefore, no money. There's stretches of time 6 or 7 hours long in which no one even comes into the store.

On top of that, there's no fridge or microwave here. Which means I've been living on cold cut sandwiches for the last few weeks because I'm too broke and fat to go out to eat everyday. And I'm broke because I'm stuck here where there's no customers or sales.

But the last straw was when I got written up. That's right, kids, for the first time in my long, 8 year work history, I got penalized at work. For something retarded. A guy brought in a broken phone, and I took a look at it to see if I could figure out what was wrong. I couldn't. That customer then took his phone to a corporate store where hey blamed the problem on what I did to the phone. THE PHONE WASN'T WORKING WHEN IT WAS BROUGHT IN! THAT'S WHY HE BROUGHT IT IN! I COULD HAVE HIT IT WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER AND IT WOULDN'T HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE! Either way, corporate placed the blame on us because the phone was expensive to replace, and they placed the blame on me and Kara for trying to help a customer. I was pissed beyond repair because of it.

Ever since, I haven't been very careful not to step on any toes. Yesterday my manager asked me to do Photoshop work. I replied "sure, if you pay me as if you'd pay me to freelance it for you". They declined. When he asked if it was hard to find work in my field, I replied "that's why I'm here". I openly discuss plans to leave and how depressed I'll be if I'm here much longer. I've lost all patience for the retail world. I'm bored and ready for the next thing.

But the best story I have that relates to my hatred for this job is the one involving my 2 managers and a customer that came in wanting her phone looked at. She brought it in claiming that sometimes it wouldn't charge and sometimes said "invalid battery" on the screen. Here's our conversation:

me- "Where did you buy your phone originally?"
her- "Out on Pioneer Parkway"
"Okay. You'll have to take it back out there"
"Can't you just take a look at it?" (at this point she tried to hand it to me. I didn't touch the phone)
"Nope. We're not affiliated with that store, so there's nothing I can do."
"Isn't there a quick fix or something? Someone in another store reset it for me. Can you do it?"
"No, but they can on Pioneer Parkway."

The conversation continued with her trying to give me her phone and me backing away from it like it was cancer. She stormed off upset and disappointed. My managers asked why I didn't just reset it, at which point I replied "last time I touched a broken phone I got written up. I'm never touching another one."

I need to find another job ASAP. Since I'm not getting sales, I'm essentially making less than I did at Kinko's at age 18. It's time to go.

Rant number 2: my fucking weight. Fuck people who are skinny without trying.

After getting down to 183, I stopped exercising as regularly and eating more than I should. After a few months, I realized I put some of that weight back on, but estimated I was around 200 or possibly 205. I weighed in this morning. 215! 215! I couldn't believe it! Last time I broke the 200 pound mark, I promised I'd never go over again. Damn it. It's back to the elliptical and ridiculously harsh diet again, starting today. I lifted weights for 40 minutes this morning, and I'm going home to jump on the elliptical for another half hour, at least. I figure if I'm strict about it, I'll have the weight off in less than 3 months.

  1. Fuck.

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