3 dogs is 2 many.

So, I took Abby for the weekend while Fabish is away. Her and Winnie get along fine, but her and Mazie hate each other. The plan was to leave Winnie and Abby inside for the most part and leave Mazie outside.

So I'm using this little air compressor to pump up my tires with 3 annoying dogs running around me trying to get me to play with them. I hear my phone ringing and run in to get it. It's Angie, and her and I make chit chat for about 2 minutes before I realize I should go outside to turn off the air compressor. While turning it off, I notice there are only 2 annoying dogs and Abby has run away. I tell Angie to come pick me up so we can go look for her.

One of the first stops we make is a vet clinic about 2 blocks up the road. No Abby, but I leave my information after being promised that neighborhood kids bring dogs there for a reward. Angie and I keep driving in circles around the neighborhood, speculating as to how far a lazy stupid dog could have traveled in 15 minutes.

An hour and a half later, I decide it's time to give up and just wait to see if 1. She comes back when she gets hungry, or 2. The vet clinic or PAWS calls me when they pick her up. I get home and I have a message from the vet clinic we stopped at saying they have Abby and I can pick her up in the morning for a small (large) retrieval fee.

So that's my story of the day. And tomorrow I'll pick up Abby and lock her in Fabish's basement for the duration of their trip, letting her out twice per day because she doesn't deserve a yard to play in anymore. Stupid dog.

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