Abby now goes

Abby now goes to the bathroom with me every time we go outside, and hasn't gone in the house since Saturday. Leaps and bounds, I tell you. Leaps and bounds.

Mullens called me as I walked in the door last night, saying he was coming over soon and staying for an hour or 2 to kill time before his meeting. He never showed up, not that I cared too much. I just watched Mallrats with the commentary on, of course. At around 9 my landlord called, saying he was going to give a tour of our apartment to some insurance people today, and he asked us if we'd clean up a little. I cleaned until around 10 and left a note for Alan to finish up. He did. The apartment is immaculate.

My remote is now in Peoria. It came yesterday, but I wasn't there to sign for it. I'm going to go pick it up on my lunch break, I think. I can't wait to get that thing in my hand. Then comes programming it, which is the hard part. I'm not looking forward to that as much, but maybe a little. That's because I'm a big nerd.

Happy first day of Spring (according to those bogus equinoxes and such) and Happy Birthday Jaimee.

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