Abby is a

Abby is a stupid, stupid dog.

It takes her forever to go to the bathroom because she's so easily distracted. She'll start squatting, then a car will drive by or a dog 2 miles away will start barking and she'll stop. Walking her takes forever and it's mostly just standing there as she circles the same spot over and over and over, squats, stands back up, circles more, etc. etc. etc. It's annoying. I'm trying to get her to speed up the process, but I have no idea how to do that.

But anyway. Last night I went to my aunt's and helped with her computer for a very short time, then we picked up my sister and Robert and we ate at Pizza Hut. I went home, called Mullens and my dad, and watched some TV while playing with my new remote contol. It's the coolest remote control ever.

My dad came in to give me some mail and things and I showed him my remote. He played with my dog briefly, then left and I went to sleep.

Starting tomorrow, my work day will be 9-6.

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