Abrubt end to the lazy.

Yeah, I was going to stay lazy until the weekend, charging the batteries and preparing to be productive again. It didn't work out quite the way I planned, so after work yesterday my dad and I spent some time hacking up cabinets, running water lines and electricity, and other stuff that was way too productive considering all I really wanted to do was settle in and watch The Inferno III on MTV.

Speaking of which, aren't I getting too old for MTV programming? So why am I so totally captivated by shows like "Engaged and Underage" and pretty much anything in their "True Life" series? Is this because MTV produces great programming for all ages, or is it because I'm immature and ridiculous? I suspect it's the latter.

Anyway, life barrels on and all that jazz. Things are okay right now, but I really can't wait until I sell my old house, get my new one in order, and can refocus on making everything that's "okay" into something really good.

And in other news, Wolfie and I are hitting our first convention with official media passes, able to carry around a camera and talk to people with better things to do than be recorded for an internet TV show, including horror movie celebrities!  Good times, good times.

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