The accuracy of

The accuracy of that stupid color quiz made me want to do another one, so I tried one from emode called the ultimate personality test. Here's my results:

Hey, Tim, you're a Movie Star!
You're a bright ray of sunshine in an otherwise cold,
bleak world. Everyone loves your rosy cheeks and
sparkling eyes, and you secretly wonder why you're
not famous yet. You're friendly, charming, and great
with people (and perky — you'd make a good
Christmas elf at Macy's). Happily, your incredible charm
means you won't have to sleep your way to the top,
unless that's your thing.

So far, A-OK.

You're caring and optimistic. You don't get annoyed
with people very easily, and you can handle stressful
situations with ease and grace. Being a movie star,
you need to look good, and that means spending a lot
of time on your appearance. But you're not a snob
about possessions — as long as you're wearing the
best, most expensive outfit at the party.

Um... no. I still wear a lot of flannel and pants I bought in 8th grade. I shave twice a week. I really couldn't care less what I look like.

At work, you have framed pictures of your friends and
family on your desk, along with a couple of cute
stuffed animals. You like making your work
environment cozy and hospitable. After all, you
practically spend more time at work than you do at
home, right? You never shy away from asserting your
ideas and opinions, and encourage others to do the

I have no pictures or anything decorating my little cube. I spend as little time here as possible, arriving late and leaving early. Everyday. But, not every online test can be right, right?

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