I guess one of the advantages to this perpetual bachelorhood is that, despite my single-income household, every dime I bring in is MY dime, and I can spend that in whatever way I choose. And lately I've been absolutely itching to buy an LCD TV.

Every time I walk into Circuit City, they're there, taunting me. Promising me higher resolution, brighter colors, less power consumption, the ability to get rid of the huge, clunky entertainment center that currently houses the TV I won for free by selling a lot of cell phones a couple years ago.

On one hand, it's such a dumb thing to buy. I don't need it. My TV is fine. On the other hand, I WANT it, damn it, and I'm in a position that I can afford it and don't need to ask anyone's permission or justify it in any way at all.

Still, I suppose rationality may win this little battle. Afterall, I'm less than a year out from the MacBook purchase I didn't need to make and still enjoying that little toy. And I suppose if you REALLY want to break it down, those couple grand would be better spent trying to get one of my other projects off the ground and running.

But I still want one.

And this, friends, has been an entire entry on a television. Hope you've enjoyed it.

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