After a long

After a long ass bike ride with Angie, I had a meeting to go to last night in Dunlap to discuss a few murals for this rich lady. It seems promising, because, in addition to the 2 huge ones she wants done next week (that will pay my bills for at least a few weeks), she kept throwing out ideas for other rooms and other murals. And she seems like one of those rich people types who is doing it to impress other rich people types, which could mean that my business card gets passed around I can keep eating for a while. Which is good.

After that, I did nothing, and it was great. I don't sleep well in this heat, so I get really tired when I stop moving and tend to pass out on the couch while watching TV... something I've never done, but I know I'm genetically predisposed to it since my parents do it constantly.

Today I redo an old family tree and do my laundry.

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