Ah fun weekend

Ah, fun weekend, but busy, too.

So Friday I get off work and meet Wolfie at my place. He treated me to lunch at Avanti's to thank me for all the hard work I was about to put into his car. So we eat and get some brake pads and go back to my place and start working. I'd changed a few pairs of brakes in my life, but not for a few years, and my memory was sketchy. Still, it went off without too many hitches. The hardest part was unfusing the brake shoes from the rotors, since Wolfie had opted to not get his brakes changed in... oh, probably forever. The rotors were in terrible shape, all scratched up and pitted and warped looking from his months of neglect. I laughed a bit and broke a screwdriver before finishing the job.

Then I hunted a bit for the shoes, tie, and belt I bought for my suit (I left them outside. Oops.), then headed to pick them up. Then it was on to my formal dinner dance with Angie.

It was awesome. The chocolate fountain was really, really, really good, and I recommend chocolate covered pineapple to anyone reading this, even though it sounds disgusting. Martinis aren't my thing. I had a vodka classic, which took about 45 minutes to choke down. Angie's chocolate martini was better, but I wouldn't be caught dead holding one of those, since I am a dude. We had good conversation with all my coworkers, and everyone was really nice and in a good mood and having a good time. Dinner was excellent... steak and chicken and potatoes.

At some point I don't exactly remember since I was getting tipsy, Polk stopped by. He fit right in wearing his fancy suit. A bit later we met Wolfie and The Brandon, looking slobbish compared to us, and we played video games. After beating Brandon in bowling and Angie in basketball, we headed to Richards. I was all geared up for Al's, but Angie was drizunk and needed to get home, so I called it a night later than usual but earlier than I wanted to. It was a fun night.

Saturday I sat around a lot and didn't so much else. That night I put my suit back on and went to a wedding of 2 people I only kind of know. I was Angie's date again. The wedding was all depressy, focusing on how crappy marriage is, and how hard, and how you won't have any friends after you get married. It was truly bizarre. At the reception I had the honor of hearing the worst best man speech I've ever heard. And I had to pay for beer, and dinner was just cold cut sandwiches. So that was sort of lame.

We left early, despite the nice conversation I was having with the hot girl across the table, and headed to Jimmy's to meet Brynn. We had a couple drinks, but called it a night early. I went home and got out of my suit, which was a nice feeling. I mean, I like the suit and all, but wearing it that much in a weekend was too much. I put on my shitty clothes and headed to Polk's to hang out with The Brandon and Polk and Dayv a bit. I was tired and didn't stay long, but will aim for longer next time.

Sunday, I had big plans to clean and do laundy and such. I spent the morning just sitting around and watching TV, and I decided I was having such a great time that I would just keep doing that all day. So that's pretty much what I did. I went to dinner with the family in the evening (the highlight being when the waitress was taking drink orders and Jack yelled out "I want Root Beer!". Everyone, including the waitress, started laughing. Later he told her about his plans to go to Wildlife Prarie Park. He's a charmer). After that I went home and did a bit more sitting around.

So it was a good weekend. I have a bit of an upset belly now. The end.

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