Ah hello world.

Ah, hello world. Hello kiosk in the mall. Hello happiness. Hello, last day selling cell phones. Hello vacation (in 6.5 hours). Goodbye Verizon.

Well, it's my last day here and the happiness is overwhelming. Not even this hard ass stool in the middle of the damn mall can get me down today. Mean customers can't get me down, because today I won't hesitate to yell right back at them. It's a special day.

I gave Brian my keys to the various stores around these parts, filled out an "exit interview", signed a few sheets of paper, and then I was done. Leaving here is such a relief.

Speaking of leaving here, Joey put in his notice today. That means in a month they lost over half of their sales staff. Only Jessica and Paul are left. In a weird way, I feel really sorry for the company. I suspect that they won't be around much longer unless something REALLY drastic happens soon. I feel even worse because Stephanie Mullens is not just my boss, but she's a friend. And she's one of my best friend's sisters. If the Digi Stizzy evaporates, what will happen to her and her job? I hope things end up okay, but I'm definitely glad to be outtie.

Goodbye crap job, hello rest of my life.

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