Ah... How's things

Ah... How's things, world? I am good and getting better every day.

The weekend was good. I was all geared up on Friday to sit back and watch some of the scary movies they were playing on Encore, but Fuller called and asked me to Gorman's. I went, and didn't have a horrible time or anything. I still have no respect for Angie, and I probably never will respect her again. But anyway, we drank some beer and ate some hot wings and some cheese fries, and it was fun.

Saturday I went up to visit Jaimee. We ate the world's greatest chicken strips at Chilli's, and rented one of the best horror movies the world has ever known. Good preparation for Halloween if you ask me.

So that was my weekend. Now I'm at work, trying to get my dual monitor thing to work. I'm chatting online with Microsoft's new "chat" thing for tech support. Yee haw.

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