Ah my night

Ah, my night last night. It was a good one. Fabish was home when I got home. I really like coming home to an apartment that isn't empty. I don't think I've experienced that while living on my own, ever. With the rare exception that my friends were staying with me in Chicago and waited at my apartment for me to get home from class or something. But it's a nice feeling.

So, me and Missy went out. We planned on seeing a 9:30 movie, but we were both really hungry, so we went out to eat pretty much right when I got home from work. Since we had a few hours to kill inbetween the eating the movie watching, we went mini-golfing (I lost, because I suck), then back to her parent's place to chat with them, and then I tried to give her a little driving lesson. She wasn't so good at driving a stick.

It was a really nice night with her. She's dating some guy named Matt, and was really open and honest about it. They've only been dating for like a week, so it's interesting to hear her talk about it. She asked me lots of questions about my exes (what a list that is, eh?), the party girls, etc. It's really nice to talk to her so open and honestly. It's a feeling I've missed. Me and Missy used to have feelings for each other, you see. Things didn't exactly work out in our favor... certain people who shall remain nameless messed it up. We tried to go back to the way we were before everything, but it didn't work. There was awkwardness and bitterness about the way things didn't work, but I kept trying to pound some sort of friendship out of her. So we didn't end up dating... big deal. Did we have to throw everything away to get anything back? Well, in the end, I think we did. Missy was the one who threw it away, and I was the one who was bitter about it. I was really angry about it for a long time, but look at the good things it brought in the long run. Sometimes we just need distance. Time away. A place to escape. We need to not be bitter, which is extremely hard. Even now, with the whole bitterness thing almost a year in the past, I would have felt kind of uncomfortable if Missy were to bring up the past, when we were both just so upset with each other we couldn't even stand it. The point is, that the year we've spent distancing ourselves from the situation only made us better. It's like we're starting over, not mentioning the things we don't necessarily want to remember. There's no more tension between us, and we're both like how we were when we first met. 5 or 6 years ago... wow. Anyway, we're both just ourselves, with no expectations, no bitterness, no anger, no bad things. And neither of us want to bring up and remember the bad things. We want to focus on the good times we had, and the good times ahead. The good times ahead will be spent as friends and just friends, and we're both okay with that, which is also a new experience for us. It's a level playing field, it's new people, more mature than when they met the first time, more able to deal with each other, and different situations. But now I'm rambling.

So, yeah, that was that. We saw The Fast and the Furious. A quick review... sure: Wait 'til it comes out on video.

But the most interesting part of the evening happened when I got home. I was sleeping soundly in my bed when I suddenly woke up at around 4:30 in the morning. I don't know if any of you have felt that feeling when you wake up, and you're already startled, and you don't really know why you're startled. Well, that's what I was feeling. I started running things through my head, like "Did Abby knock something over?" or "Did Alan slam his door?", but I laid there for almost a minute with no clues as to why I was awake. Then it happened. I heard some weird flapping circling my room, and I kind of sat up a little bit to see if I could catch a glimpse of what it was. Right when I sat up, a huge freaking bat flew right into my face. I started making those muffled screaming noises that people make when they try to scream, but don't want to open their mouth. I also flared my arms around like a girl to get this beast away from me. Finally the beast retreated, and I laid in bed, wondering how to handle the situation. I decided the best idea would be to turn the light on, get the bat to fly around the room, and throw a blanket over him and take him outside. So, I got out of bed slowly and crept towards the lightswitch. For some reason, I was walking all hunched over like I was hiding from this blind creature. I'm an idiot when I'm tired, I guess. Anyway, I turned on the light and started to make my way to the closet for an extra blanket when the bat started flying around the room again. I knew I couldn't make it to the closet without him attacking me, so I stood in the corner and watched him circle, in the hope that he'd go back to his corner and I could get my blanket. Well, 2 or 3 minutes of constant circling, and I ran out of patience. I took my shirt off and waited for him to circle near me, and when he did, I whacked at him with it. It took 3 tries, but finally I hit him to the ground. I think I broke his wing or something in the process, and he was just sort of laying there twitching. So, I grabbed whatever I could find and I crushed him to death. Sort of cruel, I know, but don't bats carry diseases or something? I mean, I could have died. I say it was self defense. So I took his little bat body and tossed it outside. Afterwards I had a hard time getting back to sleep, not because I was scared, but more like I was really excited. It was a bit of an adreneline rush, I guess.

Yeah, so that was my night.

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