The amazing turn around.

Well, I was extremely productive today. I mailed out a demo reel to a guy in Beverly Hills about producing a national commercial. I doubt I'll get the job (I bid $6000 on it), but I feel accomplised that he liked my portfolio enough to ask for my reel.

I finished up exactly 3/4ths of the 360 degree room projects, and billed out the project. Iona called me today and they need an emergency Flash piece finished up ASAP. Hopefully I can get it banged out tomorrow and be a few hundred bucks richer, still. I bid on a bunch more illustration jobs online. I'd love to get way more illustration jobs and way less computer jobs. Drawing has always been, and will always be, the love of my life. The stuff I do in between is just to pay the bills, but unfortunately that always takes up most of my time.

So things are looking up. I should have quite the wad of self-made cash in my hot little hands by the end of the month, which will just feel awesome. Sure, most of it will just be used to pay off bills, and even then I probably won't have enough to pay them all off. But I've decided that I will be treating myself to a nice dinner when I make some money. I deserve that much, I think.

I keep listening to this Alkaline Trio CD. Man, that's one good CD.

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