And the nervousness

And the nervousness sets in like you would not even believe.

I couldn't sleep last night. My heart is just racing all the time. I guess it's nervousness and anxiety and anticipation and a fear of royally fucking up on national television. I'm really worried there's something I missed. Something I did wrong, or completely forgot to do. I feel unprepared. I feel preoccupied. For everything I get done today, I think of 10 more I need to do. And tomorrow I'll be in San Francisco on television. And that's fucking with my head.

I used to get nervous like this before the plays I was in in high school. Then, while backstage a few minutes before I went on, all the nervousness went away. Like magic. It disappeared, and I always did an okay job with it. I hope that's what'll happen tomorrow.

Out of curiousity, I went to The Screen Saver's site to see if there was going to be a celebrity or something on the show with me. There's not, but my project is listed on the main site and it's the first thing listed, with a picture, with me by name, on the "tomorrow's show" page. You can see that here.

Anyway, I'm fucking nervous and freaking out just a little bit. I'll be okay. Things will be okay. Leave me a comment if you're going to watch me on TV tomorrow. Sometime between 6-7 Central time. TechTV. Channel 354 on DirecTV, and I have no idea what channel it is on Dish Network or any other cable plan. Watch me on TV.

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