Andrew Haben removed

Andrew Haben removed his webpage created in my honor. I'm really disappointed.

Wolford came into town last night, so me, him, and Polk went out for drinks and a little din din. Alan had one of his shitastic parties, so I locked myself in my room. When I got back from drinks I walked into the apartment only to see 2 people about to have sex on my couch. It was an awkward situation to say the least. I only knew the guy a little, and I didn't know the girl at all. She was obviously embarrased. I said "what's up" to the guy, who gave me a thumbs up. Then I went to my room and went to sleep. There's no stains or anything on my couch, so I'm not too bitter about it. Alan cleaned up most of the trash and the rest will stay until I get the nerve to yell at him.

I'm really tired today, but I've been extremely productive the past few days. I rule.

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