Any 80 hours

 Someone much, much smarter than me once said "When you're self-employed you can make your own schedule. Any 80 hours per week you choose." That seems about right, really.

My frantic work schedule has left us in a fantastic place financially, even being a 1-income household for the time being, but is a bit of a drain on me, professionally and personally. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic being self-employed and successful at it, but I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to just work a normal job like most people and, ya know, be able to stop working every once in a while.

Unfortunately the work schedule means very little time for things like my blogging and other illustration. There is, however, a very bright light at the end of this very dark tunnel, and if I can just keep up this pace for the rest of this week, my schedule will be free and clear. All active projects will be wrapped and invoiced. That is, until the 2 meetings I have lined up for next week about new projects. 

My time off will be spent making yet another play at illustration work. I know, I know, this illustration dream of mine may be worth giving up at this point, but I'm not quite ready to give up the dream right now. I've bought another couple books on the matter, and I need to work on the whole business package like I have for my web design business that has been so effective. Then, of course, I need a portfolio I'm proud of... that's the hard part right now, but I'll get there. 

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