Ask and ye

Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks, January, for acting appropriately today and yesterday with real snow and ice on the ground. I love it. I didn't even complain when I couldn't unlock my door and had to get in the passenger side and scoot over the hump, which is really difficult for a guy over 6 feet tall in a small vehicle with a large stick shift in the middle. And I was at work with coworkers walking by and laughing. But still, this is what winter is supposed to be about.

I braved the winter to meet Mullens and Angie for a couple drinks, breaking my streak of not leaving my house for any social reason since the New Year.

Hey, so here's something. I downloaded the new Eminem album and Alkaline Trio's From Here to Infirmary off the greatest website ever, Of course I own both CDs already (no, really), but was shocked and amazed to see that both CDs I downloaded contain more tracks than the CDs I bought. Just one more reason pirating is good, the RIAA is bad.

When you're only 23 it's not attractive to complain about your sore back - Alkaline Trio, from a super special bonus track

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