The attack of the crazy old lady.

Those of you who read hidethecam have heard about our encounters with the crazy old lady. Well, last night I was in Fabish's room chatting with him, and we thought we heard her singing to herself. Since Fabish's room shares a wall with her apartment, we put our ears to wall to see if we could hear what was happening. It's a strange fascination we have with her, I realize. It may or may not have been singing, but it was definitely talking or mumbling of some sort.

Suddenly the sounds stopped, so Fabish and I just put our ears closer to the wall. All of the sudden she started screaming very loudly, although we couldn't make out any words. Then she started hitting walls and banging things around. I ran to our back door and locked it, since she could very easily just walk right in, and we don't want that happening. Fabish told me to grab my camcorder and go out and see what was going on.

I got my trusty camcorder and ran into the laundry room, which is right next to her apartment. She was still screaming as we made our way around the corner to her front door. When we got there, we ran into Molly, who has an apartment a few floors up and came down to make sure the crazy old lady was okay. We chatted and laughed a bit before Molly actually knocked on her door to make sure she was okay.

She was fine, but pissed off because the people living one floor up was doing something moderately loud, apparently. Fabish and I didn't hear anything coming from their place, only hers. But regardless, that's why she was so upset and she was banging on things in an effort to get them to stop.

Today everyone in the building is talking about her. For such a little, crazy old lady, she sure can be loud.

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