Baby daddy

It's been a long few weeks, but following the unfortunate demise of my hard drive my little girl, Daisy, was born. 

She's been a great baby so far, leaving me with few complaints that many new fathers have. She sleeps pretty well, relatively speaking, and I've never been a guy who needs lots of sleep anyway. She doesn't cry too much, and she sleeps a lot leaving me plenty of free time as long as I don't wander off too far from her crib or bouncy seat.

People ask me if it feels different, and I suppose it does a little. So far the reality hasn't quite come crashing down. It still feels a bit like we're baby sitting, but with higher stakes I suppose. Its been more difficult to prioritize things like working out, hobbies, friends... it's only been a little more than a week since she joined our family, and there's still many adjustments to be made, but so far we're surviving. Most advice we're given is simply to try to survive the first month without killing ourselves, each other, or the baby. So far, so good. 

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